The STAP achieves much of its work through collaborations with leading scientists, experts and practitioners around the world. STAP commissions studies by institutions or individuals, convenes expert working groups and holds workshops to identify the latest scientific knowledge and lessons learned from practice by translating them into operational and strategic advice for the GEF.

By working in a complementary manner with the scientific bodies of multilateral environmental Conventions, the Panel’s advice is fully integrated into the GEF policy framework and relevant to the guidance provided by Conventions to the GEF. The Panel is also mandated to collaborate with the GEF’s Independent Evaluation Office on scientific and technical issues.

The Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel is just one source of technical and scientific expertise within the Global Environment Facility. GEF works with a wide range of partners, including GEF Agencies, national governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and civil society. STAP collaborates with these entities by commissioning expertise or by consulting them on the advisory products and through their participation in STAP’s organized activities.

Further information about the GEF and STAP institutional partners is available on the GEF’s website.