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On May 4, 2023, the STAP and the GEF Secretariat delivered a virtual workshop on knowledge management and learning (KM&L) in the GEF-8 Integrated Program platforms. The objective of the workshop was a) to learn from agencies’ experience with KM platforms developed for the Integrated Approach Pilots (IAP) and Impact Programs (IP) to see how this could benefit the GEF-8 Integrated Programs; b) to encourage cooperation and collaboration in the development of IP KM&L platforms; and c) to consider the implications of how the IP KM&L platforms are developed for the new GEF knowledge management strategy.

Speakers included Nicole Harari from the Centre for Development an Environment (CDE) who spoke about the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT) platform – a global network on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) that promotes the documentation, sharing and use of knowledge to support adaptation, innovation and decision-making in SLM. Other speakers included representatives from GEF-6 and GEF-7 integrated programming who discussed platforms related to the themes of ‘food,’ ‘forests,’ and ‘cities.’ The focus of the presentations and ensuing discussion was on lessons learned from the design and implementation of these platforms and consensus on key principles that could inform the GEF-8 integrated programs.

The speakers’ presentations can be accessed under the Documents tab.

A brief note summarizing the outcomes of the convening, including key principles, will be shared soon.

  • Global Platform for Sustainable Cities
  • Global Platform Food Systems, Land Use and Restoration Impact Program
  • Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Program
  • WOCAT - The Global Network on Sustainable Land Management