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On 8 December, Dr. Rosina Bierbaum, Chair of STAP, reported on the Panel’s recent work for the Council.

Dr. Bierbaum summarized recent science indicating that nature can play a significant role in meeting near-term climate goals, reversing biodiversity loss, and enhancing food security simultaneously.  “building back better” in response to COVID-19 can advance the agendas of several of the MEAs. The World Economic Forum conclude that half of global GDP depends on nature and nature should be incorporated into mainstream risk.  In the recent very active hurricane season, both rapid intensification and slower dissipation of windspeed are likely linked to climate change.

STAP’s initial perspective on GEF-8 replenishment was outlined, suggesting a three-pronged strategy.  First, ensure that GEF projects are efficient,... Read More

WASHINGTON, DC, September 1, 2020 - Costa Rican conservationist Carlos Manuel Rodriguez today took up his new role as CEO and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility, aiming to scale up action on forestry, food and land use, and biodiversity loss, and to support ambitious results from upcoming international climate and nature negotiations.

Rodriguez, an environmental lawyer and internationally recognized expert on financing for nature conservation, was selected for the post in June by the GEF Council, the multilateral trust fund’s governing body representing 184 countries.

“I am humbled and honored to embark on this journey, and am very optimistic about what the Global... Read More

The rapid adaptation to "work from home" during the COVID crisis has had a variety of environmental implications. While many commentators have noted the reduction in urban air pollution due to reduced commutes and transport emissions, the adaptation has a hidden supply chain of materials and energy. In order to work from home, we have relied on a vast network of materials needed for internet cables, computer servers and memory storage devices.

Professor Saleem H. Ali, STAP panel member teamed with Hollywood director Alex Tyson to produce a short documentary feature which has been launched on the UNEP Youtube Channel. Alex Tyson has previously worked on the Emmy-award winning and Oscar nominated documentary Gasland. The documentary is particularly well-suited for viewing by students and its 5 minute duration also makes... Read More

Rosina Bierbaum, STAP Chair, joined Mary Schapiro, Vice Chair of the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board and Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), for a dicsussion at Morgan Stanley's Sustainable Investing Summit.

You can read more details of the discussions here.