Multi-stakeholder dialogue for transformative change

November 2019, STAP and The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation held a workshop in November on multi-stakeholder dialogue and transformational change in social-ecological systems at the Moore Foundation headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The GEF and the Moore Foundation have shared programming interests, on biodiversity conservation in the Amazon, and on reducing the loss and degradation of forest ecosystems from the production of agricultural commodities. At the core of the GEF and the Moore Foundation’s work is creating the conditions to maximize impact through scaling, creating enduring change, and transforming social-ecological systems to maintain their resilience. 

The workshop considered three topics: 

•             What is the evidence regarding the role of multi-stakeholder dialogue (MSD) in influencing transformation in social-ecological systems?

•             What lessons can be derived from past experiences regarding strategies to build and sustain such multi-stakeholder dialogue processes?

•             What implications does this have for GEF programming?

The Meridian Institute undertook a background literature review examining these questions, with particular emphasis on the role and potential of multi-stakeholder dialogues processes at the regional and global scale. This literature review and Meridian's draft workshop summary are listed below.



December, 2019
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