Advice to the GEF

STAP is corporate body of the GEF providing an advisory function to Council, established in accordance with Paragraph 11 of the Instrument for the Establishment of the Global Environment Facility. The work of STAP is both operational and strategic. STAP’s operational responsibilities are primarily to review the scientific and technical rationale of GEF full-sized projects coming into the pipeline at concept stage and to report on this to the GEF Council. STAP also develops advice on future program strategies and reports to the GEF Assembly. In addition, STAP works with Convention, Agency, and GEF Secretariat partners and engages with Council in the development of a rolling work program to address important issues of a technical and scientific nature which affect program implementation. STAP reports on the completion of these substantive activities periodically to the GEF Council (see Chair’s Report to the GEF Council).

STAP's Work Program for GEF-7 is currently under development.