STAP is seeking a new Chairperson - CLOSED


Chairperson’s Profile

Revised – July 2012

[T]he Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) of the Global Environment Facility consists of seven Members, one of whom is designated as Chairperson.  The Chairperson is contracted to work for STAP for a minimum of 25% of their working time. In addition to the important convening role of the Chair and overall responsibility for STAP’s advice to the GEF, s/he will also be expected to provide scientific and technical advice in at least one GEF focal area within their domain of expertise.


  • Recognised intellectual leadership in global environmental issues, and a thorough understanding of environmental systems and their inter-linkages across different environmental sectors
  • Additional recognized specialization in at least one relevant field in the GEF focal areas of Biological Diversity, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, International Waters, Chemicals, and Land Degradation
  • An ability to bridge scientific, policy, economic, and social issues
  • Demonstrated leadership in science policy interface and innovation;
  • Thorough knowledge of the state of the environment, emerging issues and key responses.


  • Publications and track record confirming international status in systems thinking and as focal area lead expert;
  • Extensive and well recognized leadership in scientific and professional networks of relevance to the GEF;
  • Understanding of the GEF and its place in the context of financial instruments and multilateral institutions demonstrated through publications, or participation in GEF processes;
  • Participation in the work at Secretariat level or within meetings and processes of the Contracting Parties of at least one of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements associated with the GEF;
  • Knowledge of the scientific processes supporting implementation of one or more of the multilateral environmental conventions of relevance to the GEF;
  • Experience working in countries where GEF projects and programs are implemented;
  • Multi-cultural working experience at senior managerial, and preferably director level;


  • Proven ability to communicate effectively scientific findings of global significance to high level policy makers;
  • Effective leader and organiser of multi-cultural scientific and technical teams;
  • Ability to inspire, envision, formulate and influence the work of others as demonstrated through their expertise in devising policies and strategies which have led to well-recognized and significant impacts;
  • Ability to lead, mentor and sustain significant increases in capacity, in national and international contexts;
  • Effective listener and negotiator, able to sustain and defend positions based on objective and balanced information;
  • Challenges conventional thinking where necessary, and able to bring intellectual rigor to advice on strategic and operational issues;
  • Able to mediate between professional/scientific agendas and lobbies;
  • Demonstrated experience in cross-sectoral decision making, including prioritizing for budgetary purposes.


  • Creative, inspiring, outgoing and with a good sense of humour;
  • A self-starter combining empathy and confidence;
  • Sensitive and competent in handling issues of gender and culture.

Please take a look at the attached file in addition to the requirements above.