Side Event on Climate Change and Biodiversity; Conservation and Adaptation at CBD COP 11

biologo[S]TAP of the Global Environment Facility hosted a side event on Climate Change and Biodiversity along with Conservation and Adaptation at the Convention on Biodiversity's Conference of the Parties (CBD COP 11) meeting in Hyderabad, India on October 17th.

Projected climate change will have impacts on forest ecosystems, affecting biodiversity, forest regeneration, growth rates and geographic distribution of plant species or forest types. Forest dependent communities (indigenous as well as agricultural) and their livelihoods are likely to be adversely affected. Yet we know that biodiversity rich forests are less vulnerable to climate change. To minimize the adverse Impacts of climate change, particularly on biodiversity and environmental services, there is a need for scientific assessments of the impacts of climate change on biodiversity in different forested ecosystems in order to guide the development and implementation of adaptation strategies. Policy initiatives incorporating climatic concerns into planning and implementation of forest conservation, afforestation and reforestation are needed, particularly in developing countries. The event presented impacts of climate change on biodiversity of forests and other natural ecosystems and opportunities for adaptation; assessing the implications of climate change Impacts on biodiversity for biodiversity-dependent communities, and identify approaches to reduce vulnerability of forest ecosystems and forest-dependent communities - and highlight the role of the GEF in this regard.

Please see the article in The Hindu regarding this side-event.

The event was Chaired by Dr. V.K. Bahuguna, Director General, Indian Council of Forestry Research

Presentations were made by:

Prof. N.H. (Ravi) Ravindranath, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and GEF-STAP Member for Climate MitigationClimate change and biodiversity; Current science and policy

Andrew Velthaus, Senior Policy Advisor, GEF SecretariatRole of the GEF in biodiversity climate adaptation

Dr. S. Suryakumari, Centre for Peoples Forestry, Hyderabad Community | Perspectives on climate change impact on biodiversity

Dr. Srinivasan Iyer, UNDP-India Biodiveristy Conservation ProgrammePresentation on MoEF-GEF-UNDP India Coastal Biodiversity

Hyderabad | 17 October 2012