Workshop: Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation in Production Sectors

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[O]n October 1-3, a group of over 30 conservation practitioners from diverse backgrounds met at the research center of the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) in Kristenbosch – Cape Town, South Africa. The meeting focused on what we have learned over the past 10 years in the practice of mainstreaming biodiversity conservation concerns into public policy and private sector decision making in areas well beyond traditional conservation activities such as protected areas. More importantly, the group considered how we may need to modify our strategies in this area for the future. Almost a decade ago a similar group met at the same location, also convened by the Global Environment Facility and STAP, to propose that initiatives such as payments for ecosystem services, certification, and similar activities in the landscape can result in numerous benefits for biodiversity conservation – as well as communities, land owners, farmers, and businesses. The current meeting reviewed the evidence from implementation in these areas over the past 10 years. While there have been numerous successes, and ongoing effort on site-based initiatives such as these was encouraged, it was also stressed that we will likely need to work much further upstream in decision making and supply chains in order to ensure biodiversity conservation in a world of 10 billion people. A repository of presentations from the meeting will be available here, and a final report from the workshop will be available by the end of the year.

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© Kent Redford © Kent Redford


Mark Zimsky – Reflections on Biodiversity Mainstreaming Principles in the GEF

Nik Sekhran – UNDP and Biodiversity Mainstreaming: Principles and Realities

Kent Redford – Synthesis of Lessons Learned from a Decade of Biodiversity Mainstreaming Experience

Kristal Maze – Lessons Learnt from Policy and Planning Mainstreaming Approaches Implemented since 2004 in South Africa

Carlos Manuel Rodríguez – Economic Growth and Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation: the Costa Rican Case

Didier Dogley – Mainstreaming biodiversity in the Seychelles - a Small Island Developing State

Dilys Roe  Lessons Learned on Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Development

Jason Clay – The Market Transformation Initiative

Courtney Lowrance – Leveraging the Commercial Banking Sector to Mainstream Biodiversity Conservation

Andrew Bovarnick – Scaling up Sustainable Agricultural Commodities

Jeff Milder – Shaping Land-use Practices and Supply Chains through Commodity Certification: the Experience of the Rainforest Alliance

Anthea Stephens – At the Coal Face: Mainstreaming Biodiversity within Agriculture, Forestry and Mining Sectors in South African Grasslands

Valerie Hickey – Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES): a Global Partnership

Ahmed Khan – Natural Resource Management Programmes

Mandy Driver – Mobilising Finance for Managing Biodiversity Assets and Ecological Infrastructure in South Africa

Fernando Veiga  Water Funds

Arne Geschke  Trade and Biodiversity

José Carlos Fernández  Mainstreaming Biodiversity & Financing: Experience of PES, REDD and Perspectives

Marieta Sakalian  Mainstreaming of Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation and Use: UNEP-GEF Experience

Deon Nel  Surviving & Thriving in the Anthropocene: Beyond Mainstreaming to Global System Transformations

Richard Cowling  Why Mainstreaming Biodiversity is Like Swimming Upstream and What can be Done about It

Trevor Sandwith  Protected Areas: the Invisible (Helping) Hand for Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Development


Relevant Documents Are Available Below

Workshop Detailed Programme   | (September 2013)

Background Discussion Paper - Mainstreaming Biodiversity  | (Kent Redford, May 2013)

Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Production Landscapes   | (Caroline Petersen and Brian Huntley, November 2005)

Draft GEF-6 Programing Directions   | (GEF Secretariat, August 2013)

A State of Knowledge Review   | (the NBSAPS 2.0 project, 2013)

Breaking Down the Silos   | (Report of the Thematic Consultation on Environmental Sustainability in the Post-2015 Agenda, 2013)

Strategies to Reduce Deforestation in Brazil - Outline  | (Rio + 20, June 2012)

Strategies to Reduce Deforestation in Brazil | (Rio + 20, June 2012)

Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011 - 2020 and the Aichi Targets 

International Trade Drives Biodiversity Threats in Developing Nations | (M. Lenzen et al, June 2012)

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