Engineering a Transformational Shift to Low-Carbon Economies in the Developing World: The Role of the Global Environment Facility

AAASPanelsmall[T]he planet is warming at an alarming rate. For many small islands and coastal states even this level of warming will likely be devastating over the coming years. For more than 20 years, the GEF has played a major role in assisting developing countries and countries with economies in transition in transforming their markets towards a low-carbon future.

The event, which took place in the AAAS Auditorium in Washington, DC, was opened by Dr. Naoko Ishii, CEO Global Environment Facility and Conn Nugent, President of the Heinz Center. Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy, Chair of the STAP and Biodiversity Chair – Heinz Center, moderated the panel discussion and directed questions from the audience.

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Presentations by the speakers are available below.

Pavan Sukhdev - Yale University (visiting fellow), Former Head of UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative and author of Corporation 2020 | The Economics of Climate Change, A case for urgent action

Dr. Joseph Alcamo - UNEP Chief Scientist, Chair - Scientific Steering Committee for the UNEP Emissions Gap Report, 2012 | The Emissions Gap

Dr. Ralph Sims - Professor School of Engineering and Advanced Technology at Massey University, IPCC Member and STAP Panel Member on climate change mitigation | Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Future

Dr. Rosina Bierbaum - Professor Natural Resources and Environmental Policy (former Dean) at University of Michigan, Member of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), Member of the Federal Advisory Committee of the U.S. National Climate Assessment | Turn Down the Heat and Ramp Up Adaptation

Washington DC | 20 March 2013